Ladies 1s v Triton 1s – 31/12/16

After the fiasco of the half time abandonment of last weeks game Macclesfield were adamant to start strong and apply early pressure.

A fast start to the game saw some remarkable passing up the wings. Our hard work was rewarded with a short corner, a third strike lucky paid off with a goal from Claire Barlow. Following half time Triton came back strong equalising 1-1. Strong passing between the midfield and forwards and incredible defending from players player Laura Collins lead to a further two nifty goals from Emma Houghton. A short corner was awarded to Triton on the final whistle but through some exceptional defending meant the game ended a victorious 3-1. MOM was given to Emma Houghton. On a final note we have advised Sophie Bloor to visit spec savers following a slight miss hap in the second half.

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