Ladies 1s v Northrop Hall

After an unpopular desicion to cancel Macclesfield vs Northop Hall’s game a few weeks ago due to frost, the rearranged match was set to be played on Saturday. Both teams started with high energy putting a lot of pressure on the ball. Despite Northop getting a short corner, Macclesfield defence was able to clear it away to quickly turn it over to a short corner awarded to Macclesfield where Claire Barlow made it 1-0. Northop were then unable to block out the quick passing and with excellent runs from the wings, it was Sophie Bloor who secured Macclesfield’s second goal. Northop came out fighting even harder in the second half and managed to make it 2-1. However with a lot of fight and effort, Macclesfield was able to ensure that they couldn’t score again despite the number of corners awarded to Northop.

Mom was awarded by Northop Hall to Claire Barlow and players player chosen by our team to Thea Losa.

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