Ladies 1s v Alderley Edge 3s

Saturday’s match for Macclesfield Ladies 1s resulted in a great 3-2 win over Alderly Edge’s Ladies 3rd team. The game, which consisted of equal play between the two teams in the beginning, saw Alderly starting 1-0 up, which then Macclesfield equalised with a goal from Emma Houghton. The score then becoming 2-1 to Alderly by the second half, Macclesfield consistently fought back, with alot of success of getting the ball into Alderly’s half. With a short corner, Macclesfield yet again equalised with another goal from Claire Barlow. During the very last minute of the game, a very well thought out short corner gained another goal, with Barlow at the top slipping right to Fiona Collins, who assisted another goal for Barlow at the penalty spot. MOM went to Liv Richardson, and Players Player went to Sophie Bloor.

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